How To Fill Praja Palana Application Form Step by Step Guide

Praja Palana Application: In Telangana, there’s a special program called the Telangana 6 Guarantee Scheme, also known as the Praja Palana Scheme or Abhaya Hastham Scheme. It makes it easier for people to use government services without any middlemen.

The government released an Abhaya Hastham form / Praja Palana form for this program to keep the promises it made before the elections. The Chief Minister of Telangana announced the start of the Praja Palana program and mentioned that the government had already fulfilled one of the promises on the day it was formed.


How To Fill Praja Palana Application Form

The new Government has made a positive decision regarding the application form, which consists of four pages. All five schemes’ data have been incorporated into a single application form, eliminating the need to apply separately for each scheme. Everything is consolidated in one application.

On the first page, you need to provide your family details. The second and third pages cover information about the schemes, while the fourth page outlines the necessary documents. The fifth page is reserved for the acknowledgment section.

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Family Details (కుటుంబ వివరాలు)

  1. Family Leader: Please provide the full name of the person who is considered the head or leader of your family. This is typically the person responsible for the family’s overall well-being.
  2. Gender: Indicate the gender of the person filling out the form. Choose from options like female, male, or prefer not to say. This helps in understanding the demographic composition.
  3. Caste: Select the category that best represents your caste or community. Options include SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribe), BC (Backward Class), Minority, or Other.
  4. Birthdate: Enter your date of birth in the specified format (DDMMYYYY). For example, if you were born on the 29th of May in 1988, input 29051988.
  5. Aadhar Number: Provide your unique Aadhar number. This serves as a crucial identification number and helps in streamlining various government processes.
  6. Ration Card: If you possess a ration card, enter its number. If not, don’t worry; you can still proceed with the application. Ration cards are often used for the distribution of essential commodities.
  7. Mobile Number: Share your active mobile number. This is important for communication purposes and updates related to your application.
  8. Occupation: Specify your occupation or primary source of livelihood. Examples include farmers, laborers, government employees, private employees, etc. This information assists in understanding the economic diversity of the population.
  9. Family Details: Enumerate the members of your family. For each person, provide their full name, relationship to you (e.g., Mother, Wife/Husband, Son), gender, date of birth, and Aadhar number.
  10. Address: Detail your residential address, including the house number, ward number, village name, Mandal name, district name, etc. Providing a complete address ensures that any correspondence or benefits are directed to the correct location.

You have to paste your passport-size photograph on the application form in the field photo

Praja Palana Application – Mahalaxmi Scheme (మహాలక్ష్మి పథకం)


Mahalakshmi Scheme in Telangana is specifically for women. If you are a woman from a financially struggling family, you can receive Rs 2500 every month and have the option to buy a gas cylinder for only 500 rupees.

Tick both options if you want to apply for 2500 of financial aid and a subsidized Gas cylinder.

You have to mention your

  • Gas Connection Number
  • Gas Company Name
  • Number of Gas cylinders you use per annum

Praja Palana Application – Rythu Bharosa Scheme (రైతు భరోస పథకం )


The new Telangana government is introducing the “Telangana Rythu Bharosa scheme,” renaming the previous scheme called Rythu Bandhu. The primary objective of this scheme is to provide financial aid to farmers in Telangana. This assistance is not limited to landowners; even tenant farmers are eligible to apply for the scheme.

Furthermore, individuals without their own agricultural land, who are not tenant farmers, can still avail themselves of this benefit by applying as “farm laborers.”

Financial aid for farmers and tentant farmers – 15000 per year

Financial aid for “Form Labourer” – 12000 per year

  1. Tick the appropriate option: “Farmer” or “Tenant Farmer.”
  2. Provide your land pattadar passbook number.
  3. Specify your land details, including survey number and area.
  4. If you are not a farmer or tenant farmer, select “Farm Laborer” (if you are Farm Labour) and provide your employment guarantee job card number.

Praja Palana Application – Indiramma Indlu Scheme (ఇందిరమ్మ ఇండ్లు పథకం)


The new housing scheme in Telangana is named “Indiramma Indlu.” This scheme originated during the Congress party’s rule before the separation of the Telangana state, and it has been reintroduced after a decade.

The “Indiramma Indlu Scheme” holds a flagship status in Telangana, with a primary goal of providing 100% subsidized housing to uplift the underprivileged, ensuring their dignity.

This distinctive initiative sets itself apart by not requiring any beneficiary contributions. Particularly in rural areas, where residents often depend on seasonal conditions for income, the provision of 2BHK housing has proven pivotal in shielding them from the debt traps that were prevalent in the past.

  1. Tick the option “Financial Assistance for House Construction” if you do not own a house and wish to avail the benefit.
  2. If you belong to the family of “Martyrs (అమరవీరులు )and Agitators(ఉద్యమకారులు ),” select option 2.1 and provide the Martyr’s name, year of death, FIR number, and death certificate number.
  3. If you participated in the Telangana movement, mark “YES,” and provide the FIR number and death certificate number. If you were jailed during the Telangana movement, specify the Jail Name, Place of prison, Imprisonment details, and duration in jail.

Praja Palana Application – Gruha Jyothi Scheme (గృహ జ్యోతి )


The Telangana Gruha Jyothi scheme pertains to electricity bills. Eligible individuals can benefit from discounts or exemptions on their electricity bills. To avail of this, you need to provide your meter number and indicate your monthly consumption tier: 0 – 100 units, 100 – 200 units, or above 200 units. Please select one of these three options.

Praja Palana Application – Cheyutha Scheme (చేయూత పథకం)


The Telangana Cheyutha Scheme is a pension program for eligible citizens of Telangana. The monthly pension benefit is 4000, and for persons with disabilities, the benefit is 6000 under the Cheyutha scheme.

Select option 1, “Divyang,” if you are a person with a disability, and provide the handicapped certificate number.

Select option 2 for others, choosing from the following categories:

  • Old Age
  • Widow
  • Toddy Tappers
  • Weavers
  • Dialysis Patients
  • HIV – AIDS Patients
  • Beedi Workers
  • Filaria Patients
  • Single Women Beedi Tedekar

Note: If you are currently receiving a pension, there is NO NEED TO APPLY for the Cheyutha scheme again.

Now that you have completed filling out your application form, please attach the necessary supporting documents. The major documents required are:

  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • White Ration Card Copy

Additionally, you may also attach the following documents based on your eligibility:

  • Gas passbook copy for Mahalaxmi scheme
  • Land Pattadar Passbook copy for Rythu Bharosa scheme
  • Electricity bill for Gruha Jyothi Scheme
  • Handicapped certificate for individuals with disabilities under the Cheyutha scheme
  • Death certificate of the husband (for widows) for the Cheyutha scheme, etc.

In short, attach the respective documents according to your eligibility along with the Aadhar card.

We hope you now understand how to fill out the Praja Palana application form.

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