Double Bedroom Status: How To Check 2BHK Housing Scheme Application Status Online

Telangana double bedroom housing scheme applications status can be done online so easily. You can check status of 2BHK Housing application on your mobile phone or computer. As you know that double bedroom scheme is one of the best flagship Government scheme in Telangana.

In this article, We are going to inform you a step by step guide on how can check the status of your application.

I hope you have already applied for 2BHK housing scheme, that is why you are here.

If You have not applied for it check below article

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Things to Ready To Check Double Bedroom Status

  • Smart Phone Or Computer
  • Internet
  • Application Number

These three thing you have to keep ready to check Telangana housing scheme application status.

How To Check Application Status of Double Bedroom House

What you have to do is follow my below simple steps to get it done

Step 1: Go to Meeseva Telangana Official portal

Step 2: You will see a field right hand side namely “Know Your Application Status

Step 3: Enter your application number in that field and click on search button

Step 4: New window opens. Enter CAPTCHA

Step 5: Click on Submit button

You will see the status on your mobile / computer screen.

Hope You understood how to check application status of double bedroom application in Telangana. If any doubts please write us through the below comment box.

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